Join @Dima Suslikov and myself on the topics of Flips + Development in Real Estate. This is one of our favorite subjects and we enjoy sharing our knowledge.

Bring your burning questions!

Some of the topics that we'd be happy to cover - as ideas :

  • Land Analysis.
  • New Construction Approaches.
  • Maximizing utilization of land (maximizing Structure / Lot Line Adjustments).
  • Using your self-directed IRA to flip.
  • Using your self-directed IRA to develop land.
  • Building curb appeal.
  • Designing your flip.
  • Estimating your rehab.
  • Budgeting your rehab.
  • Project management tools.
  • Contract documents including scope of work, material specifications, invitation to bid, and change orders.
  • Questions on Permits.
  • How to work with designers & specialty contractors.
  • How to negotiate with contractors and subcontractors.
  • And anything else anybody wants to chat on!

We will continue with doing Food Group Order, which has been working out great so far! We have been trying new restaurants each week. If you'd like to participate in this, please, have your order in by 5:30PM on Wednesday (11/30).

If you are OK sharing the deal or land you are looking at in front of the group - we are happy to analyze it.

More details on the event :

Looking forward to seeing everybody there!

Tatiana Gershanovich
Sound Housing + Dwell Foundry