WIN Tour (Machesney Park, IL) - Randy Rd

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Winnebago Investor Network (WIN) PRE-Rehab TOUR

When: Monday, 1/2/2017 at 4:30PM

Where: 7808 Randy Rd. Machesney Park, IL 61115

What: Here is another opportunity to tour a new rental acquisition before any rehab is started.  @Renee Fulcer and @Lloyd Fulcer recently purchased this single family home with seller financing.  Come out and view the property, hear about the purchase, ask questions, share your ideas, and encourage other investors.

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New to biggerpockets I'll be attending the event by myself. Newbie looking to network & become a real estate investor in 2017 & eventually leave the rat race! Won't be able to stay for dinner.

I recently got my first property under contract in Belvidere and am looking to build my team. I'm looking for a Tax advisor/accountant.

Craig Wilcox would it be helpful to create a WIN Facebook page? If there already is one I can't seem to find it. Perhaps a FB page would just be redundant.

Justin, Congrats on the acquisition! 

For a CPA, I can recommend Steve Addante of Addante and Associates and Christopher Dodson of Dodson Law Office (

Never give up, Craig 

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