Are you working the Lease Option in your local market?

If not, now may be the perfect time for you!

This month, MD-REIA will host Chris Goff.

Chris Goff is a Nationally acclaimed Real Estate Investing Expert and Best Selling Author. During Chris Goff's time with the Trump Organization, he mentored and trained hundreds of budding Real Estate Investors in his unique teaching style. Chris Goff also helped develop over 70 Real Estate Investment companies.

Wondering why this may be the perfect time for you to start working Lease Options?

Here’s Why…

Both of these strategies are “simple, lucrative and fun” when you know the secrets to how to do it right! These are quickest ways to make money in today’s Real Estate Market while helping a lot of folks too.

Lease Options (Rent-To-Own, Lease Purchase) is one of my favorite strategies that took me years to figure out. It still amazes me why so many people have heard of it, but don't know how to do it. Well, this is going to change because not only will you learn the exact steps to profit with this strategy, you'll be miles ahead of your competition with this training.

I know a lot of our students who make a whole lot more from their lease-option and pre-foreclosure business than they do from their "regular" business, stocks, 401K's or IRA's.

Lease Option Benefits:

In fact, almost 60% of buyers can’t qualify for bank loans. Banks can’t help, Realtors can’t help and they’re forced to rent. These are good people with a commitment to buy and have no one to turn to. This is where you come in and many of our students have already!

How to control real estate and not own it

Get paid 3 ways on every deal

Doesn’t require money or deep pockets

Opens up a whole new buyer pool that nobody helps and it’s larger

Very little local competition once you know how to connect the dots

How to pay the seller full price and still make a lot of money

No Gimmicks, No B.S. and No low-ball offers to make at least a 6-figure income

Most investors in the business simply don’t have the ‘know how’ to put these deals together and miss the opportunity to help people. Well, now’s your chance to learn how to get started.

Mark your calendars for March 2nd at 5:30 pm, when we will be hosting 2 FULL Hours of REI education for nothing more than the price of your time!

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