Aloha Oahu,

This event is for everyone! New, learning, or experienced! We will be going over pretty much everything in as much detail as we can and we will be showing shortcuts to make the numbers easier to run! Flips, Buy and Holds, BRRRR, probably even Commercial calculations as well! We will show you how to protect yourself against your numbers as well as ways to simplify your calculations as well!

Make sure your numbers are correct because one wrong calculation can easily make or break a deal! If you are new this is a great way to learn with examples! If you are still learning here's where you can practice. If you are experienced then you can come help others and validate your skills as well as find shortcuts to make your calculations faster!

PS: I challenge anyone who thinks they know their numbers to come show us how much you know! You might be spot on but I also bet you probably missed something ;) What do you feel the best target numbers are for Hawaii's markets?