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  • 07/06/17 07:00PM
  • NMSU Campus, Gerald Thomas Hall 337
  • Free

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Hello Fellow Investors! Happy Independence Day!

If you're interested in investing in real estate and haven't yet come to a meeting, THIS is the meeting to start!! Learn how real estate can grow that nest egg and prepare you to enjoy those golden years even more. Looking forward to seeing you there! I'm sending this email a few days early so you can RESPOND WITH QUESTIONS for our speaker before next week.

Please pass along the info to ANYONE interested.



July 6


NMSU Campus - Room 337 of Gerald Thomas, off of Knox Street.

*You can park across the street from the building.

Guest Speaker: Edwin Kelly, Founder and CEO of Specialized IRA Services, in Albuquerque NM.

Topic: Take Control of YOUR RETIREMENT - Investing in a Self Directed IRA

1. Challenges we face when growing wealth.

2. Solutions to those challenges.

3. The Ins and Outs of investing with your retirement account.

4. What assets can I use in my SDIRA?

5. What questions do YOU have? (See announcement below)

Edwin's bio is attached to this email. We are very grateful to have someone so knowledgeable and experienced come to educate us about this specific topic. If you've wanted to know how you can use other assets you understand better for retirement, now is the time and this meeting is the place. No need to gamble with the stock market if you don't understand it! Put your money where your heart or passion is! Invest in something you care about. Come get educated and bring a friend! We all have a lot to learn here.


SUBMIT QUESTIONS for JULY - Edwin and Seth Jonas, Inside Plan Specialist, want to be prepared to answer any questions you have. Submit them to me and I'll pass them along so we have this meeting catered to what YOU are wanting to learn!

Surprise - I received a package in the mail this month with some swag from Specialized IRA Services and REIClub.com and plan to give it away at the July meeting,...So if you'd like to win FREE stuff (including a couple t-shirts), join us!!

New Location - Please note the new location at the top of this email. We are hoping to establish this as a new permanent location. I'll keep you posted if that changes though.

Hi @George Blower , thanks for the question. I'm curious though about it though since it appears you are in Michigan. 

I don't think self-directed solo 401k plans is part of what they do but I haven't asked about that specifically. I'll be looking through more of their content in the next few weeks, but to my knowledge they just specialize in IRAs. I'm sure someone will ask the question at the meeting though.

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