----> ----> ----> Networking starts at 9:30 Class at 10 a.m. <----- <------ <--------

----> ----> ----> Networking starts at 9:30 Class at 10 a.m. <----- <------ <--------

----> ----> ----> Networking starts at 9:30 Class at 10 a.m. <----- <------ <--------

All are welcome! This Meetup is FREE and the Focus is on helping grow your real estate investing business. Weather you are a seasoned pro or beginner. We will dive into your questions and help keep your goals moving forward.

Meetup Schedule.

9:30-10 a.m. Network, rub elbows with other real estate investors in the local market making it happen! Exchange Ideas, talk about deals find buyers or sellers, find private money. Come network!

10-10:30 Usually I speak on a new topic briefly something that has popped in my mind I think could help all of you

10:30- Noon We dive into helping as many of you as possible . Come prepared with questions. What is your biggest challenge right now holding you back? what can we do/ answer to help you move your business forward this month?

Come with questions, or bring deals you want analyzed. We will coach you through what ever questions you have about real estate investing. From residential to commercial. The goal will be to help you build your business or get started in the business. Though it is a group coaching session and we may not get to everyone, you will certainly learn by simply being there.

We sill start on time sharp! You will find I am very disciplined and you must be also if you want to build a successful business. Please get there early, if you stroll in late you may distract others.

*To learn more about our group I encourage everyone to read the About Us Page real quick.

*The session will occur in the large conference room directly across from our suite.