ICOR Trade Show Colorado Springs!

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How far can you climb?

.. 10 ft.?

... 100 ft.?

…. 1,000 ft.?

Well you might not want to become the next mountain climber on Pikes Peak, but we know that you do want to become a successful investor.

So this year, ICOR’s theme for our statewide tradeshow will focus on a “Real Estate Investing Base Camp”.

What does this mean?

Well before any climber can make their ascent, they need to have a place where they can connect with their team, and collect all the tools they need to reach the top.

Just like with investing.

An investor’s real estate team is probably one of the most powerful tools an investor can boast. A convergence of talent in the right areas is entirely capable of providing savvy investors, like yourself, with beneficial partnerships, guidance, and support.

And with this Colorado community of investors, there is an endless number of individuals that have scaled, or plan on scaling up their next mountain, or deal.

This event will be more than just schmoozing and swapping business cards – though you are welcome to do both!

Sure, you may have a few deals under your belt, and feel like you’ve gone up this mountain before – but understanding the particular nuances is a different story. This will be the perfect opportunity to connect you with investors that have tried-and-true methods that helped them gain the traction needed to reach their peak.

All you need to do is show-up, and we’ll provide you all the tools you need to triumph over your next deal.

And if that’s not enough, we’ll also have door prizes and an awesome grand prize drawing you don’t want to miss!


5:30 pm – Registration & Tradeshow Open (Food & Drinks Served + Cash Bar)

6:30 pm – Education Session 1

7:00 pm – Education Session 2

7:30 pm – Education Session 3

8:00 pm – Education Session 4

8:30 pm – Individual Door Prizes Drawn (Must be Present to Win)

9:00 pm – Grand Prize Drawing (Must be Present to Win)