Weekly San Angelo, Texas Investors Meetup

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This will be a weekly Meetup at the Starbucks at 403 W 3rd Street San Angelo TX 76903

Join me to meet the people of your community who are interested in learning about real estate investing or are already doing so. Real estate is an extremely versatile vehicle for your money to grow, whether it be to fund a fix and flip project, to acquire rental property(ies), to fix and flip a property yourself and many other options. At this Meetup we will get to know one another and share ideas of what to do as well as what not to do. This is the very first Meetup I organize so please be patient, I am more than open to any input or ideas anyone may have.

My intent for this Meetup is to to meet likeminded people in a casual setting where we can also talk about real estate and real estate related material.   

Below is a link for the event through the Meetup website.  


Hello! I move to San Angelo this December and look forward to making it to this meetup. Thanks for organizing!

@Sarah Elizabeth Andersen Outstanding, I have paused hosting this event due to other obligations (BRRRRing my first property) but I planned to pick it back up in Nov so you’ll be right on time!

Will definitely want to attend, so please keep me posted!

I grew up in San Angelo and moved back a few years to start my professional career. I'm eyeing real estate investment! When is the weekly meeting?

Hi Amy, we still haven't started this just yet, but we are all wanting to meet.  Maybe after Christmas?  

After Christmas sounds great!

I am very interested in attending as well! So excited to here I don't have to drive to San Antonio for  a meetup!

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This post has been removed.

Any other news on this meet up or would people like to get together and start a new meet up?

I am definitely interested in a meet up in San Angelo! 

Not that I know of, but I'd like to start one in the next month or so.  Work and rehabbing my first deal are priority for now.  Anyone want to beat me to it? 

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