Pasadena investor's meeting: how to assess flip/rental homes!

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Pasadena investor's meeting #4 coming up October 28th at 11am! 

251 s lake ave, suite 150, pasadena, ca 91101 FREE: parking inside the structure : through Del Mar st. 

Bring something to write with as we will be diving into how to assess homes for 'a buy and hold or flipping strategy' 

How do realtors and appraisers assess homes? (and lenders for that matter: as most times you will need financing right?) 

We will go over real life scenarios: and many things we have learned working with investors and flipping our own homes. 

Some lessons are painful but great learning experiences that you can now benefit from! 

I have met some people that paid $30k for information like what we will go over at the meeting. 

RSVP and see you Saturday Oct. 28th.  *** you can park inside the structure : Saturdays are free (FREE). 

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