This month's presentation will cover the overall concept of a 1031 exchange. Scott will offer a refresher on this topic, highlighting its tax advantages for real estate investors.

He’ll also discuss an under-known opportunity that gives the ability to "1031-exchange" the proceeds of a real estate transaction into a real estate backed investment fund. There are many advantages to this including legacy planning, simplification, and even the ability to compel a tax-weary seller to do business with you.

Cory Thomas
Investment Advisor
Gateway NW Wealth Advisors

Cory is a local investment advisor in Clark County. While his practice meets the needs of a wide scope of clients, he has a niche opportunity for individuals who are real estate investors. This includes investment options that have tax advantages to shelter the realization of capital gains.

Scott Bargaehr
Certified Public Account
Lewis Group CPA’s

Scott is a seasoned CPA at the Lewis Group, located in Vancouver, WA. Scott has robust knowledge in the area of tax and accounting and is well versed in 1031 exchanges.

Afterward, should time permit, we will network on any subject that seems relevant.

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