Interested in buy & hold real estate Investing? Detroit Meet-up

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Have you thought about getting into real estate investing, but it just seemed too much of a headache or too risky? Come spend an evening with us and learn how to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

Leave your checkbook and credit cards at home. While you are welcome to buy someone a beverage after the event, nothing is being sold. This is simply an opportunity to learn, share ideas, network, and meet other like-minded investors.


  • John & Pamela will share their story. They just bought their very first rental property. This is not a "no money down" or "get rich quick" scheme. This is something anyone can do. And yet, John & Pamela's returns will shock you and make you question why you ever put money in your 401(k). Come learn what they did to take their first steps toward financial freedom.
  • Mike is an experienced single family investor, but now he is focused on apartment investing. Why? Mike will share his story about investing passively in an apartment complex. Then you will get to see a video of that lead investor talk about the property. Mike will answer any questions you have about his experience and why he is now investing in apartments.
  • Following the meeting and discussion we will move to a local pub for networking and socializing.



What a coincidence that I just saw your post. I just got discharged from the Army and I will be headed home to Detroit for good in a few days. I was planning on searching for an investor group to go to. I've never been to an RE get together before so I look forward to it. I have one rental house in Detroit that has been vacant for almost a year. I will be moving in there temporarily but my plan is to purchase a multifamily (hopefully Quad) using my VA Loan and living in one of the units while renting the others.

I clicked the "Attending Event" button. Was that enough to RSVP?  Or do you require we go through the signupgenius? Thanks for the invite.


@Lisa Haney

So glad you can join us!    We have a core group of people that have attended events in the past and they were sent invitations via email, which is why we used SignUpGenius.

We need an accurate count of people coming because the hotel can only handle 75 people.   I would appreciate it if you could confirm on SignUpGenius.

I joined also looking forward to meeting other investors

@Lisa Haney I'm an agent in the Metro Detroit area and would love to help you with your search! 

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