South Metro Area Realty Topics (SMART)

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  • 11/21/17 06:00PM
  • 12305 Dumont Way, Littleton, CO 80125
  • Free

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If you are an investor (active or passive), wholesaler, agent, attorney, CPA, flipper, lender, tradesman, or just wanting to learn more about real estate and what options might exist in that area, then this is for you. We are not selling any services, training, or products, but do want to see you succeed.
Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday of the month. This is the 2017 schedule:
8/15 - Success
9/19 - Success
10/17 - Success
11/21 - Come on out! I know it's near Thanksgiving, but I will be there for you
A little about me. I currently invest in non-performing notes. I have experience with house hacking, VA, FHA, traditional, and commercial loans. I have done deals on my own as well as with a group. I do my own local management, some long distance self-management, and traditional management company management with my units. I invest in my backyard as well as out of state and also invest using a solo 401k. I am in the process of converting the basement in my primary to become a Short Term Rental. Basically, I love real estate, love talking about it, and love going to meetups (just not driving so far). Come out, drink beer, eat food, and tell us about what you are doing.
If you are in any of the other areas around Denver Metro or Castle Rock areas, then come out and meet others who love investing!

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Only a couple more days for the last meetup before Thanksgiving! I am definitely thankful for RE and what it has done for my life, and thankful for awesome, inquisitive, and knowledgeable people to share with. lord knows my wife gets tired of listening to me...

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