Wed - Nov 1 - Free, Open Meeting from 6-8:00 PM at C.W. Cansler Family YMCA to discuss Real Estate, #Parkridge and the City. The goal of this free meeting is to provide the opportunity for anyone to ask any question about any topic on real estate.Everyone is welcome and hopefully there will be questions and comments on many topics such as #AffordableHousing #HistoricZoning #LandLords #SlumLords #Gentrification #PropertyValues #Rentals #Airbnb.

The meeting is sponsored by #KnoxREIA and although there is no set agenda, the meeting will start with a Market Update. The update will provide details of economic activity in the immediate Knoxville area and the Unintended Consequences of Creating a Beautiful City - (a topic covered in depth at the Jan 2016 Knoxville Real Estate Investors meeting)