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We are meeting again at 316 W. Washington Ave., Madison, WI at 7:00 pm to catch up on active projects and to talk about our upcoming social gathering coming up on November 29th. For giggles we will also be talking about our biggest [email protected]$& Ups and maybe how to avoid them and certainly how to laugh at them. Come join us.

We are a group of investors focused on sharing experiences and helping each other navigate the ins and outs of real estate investment in Madison, Dane County and beyond. 

Can anyone come?

Excited for another Madison, Wisconsin meet up! @Lakeem Anore , I see you are from the Dells. I'll be coming down from Baraboo. Shoot me a message, maybe we can car pool. In any case, hope to see you there!

Looking forward to seeing you all again.  @Brian Conne , come join us if you can.  

Would love to come crash your meet up. New to all this but been listening to the podcast for a while now and lurking here looking to connect and meet more people in our area!

Will need to move some meetings around to make it, but if I can't make it this round, would love to make the next meet up. 

I'm looking forward to the event.  Make it a great day!!

Thanks for the invites.  I had other plans tonight but will definitely try to make it next time!

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