How To Start a Rental Portfolio with Off-Market Multis in Boston

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  • 11/11/17 11:00AM
  • 17 Maywood St, Roxbury, MA
  • Free

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We'll go over our case study for 17 Maywood St. How we acquired this off-market multi family, the rehabbing process, the financials of the deal and why we decided it to keep it for our rental portfolio.

Some of the things we'll go over:

* Acquiring off-market properties

* Short Sale Process & working with heirs of an estate.

* Deal Details & Financials

* Our $450k Rehab (process, mistakes, lessons, zoning tricks etc)

* How to turn regular deals into future Re-Development

The address is 17 Maywood St, Roxbury, MA

We'll bring coffee & donuts . See you all there

Updated 9 months ago

We have to reschedule this event for NEXT weekend, Nov 14. Thank you & we look forward to seeing you there

Hi @Joni Shehu !  Would love to attend this event.  Looks like you are hosting it at the unit(s).  Will we be able to see them as well?  Also, how long do you anticipate the case study lasting?  I'd like to attend but will need a sitter for my kiddos so just want a ballpark timeline.   Also, would it be ok to bring a friend?  Thanks!

Hey Donielle, yes you'll be able to see all the units yes well. These tend to always last a bit longer than anticipated since they tend to turn into networking & connecting with others. I'm anticipating 1-2 hours.

Looking forward to see you

Awesome, thanks @Joni Shehu !  i've reached out to a friend who also might be interested.  Hope to see you on Saturday.   

@Joni Shehu you said the event had to be rescheduled to next weekend  but Nov. 14 is a Tuesday. Is the event on the 14th or is it next weekend?

Hi @Joni Shehu Following up on @Cory Nolan 's question.  I was actually coming to the post to get the address for tomorrow but looks like it postponed.  Is there a date and time?  

Haha i was wondering why nobody was answering the door. Wont be able to make it the 18th, but hopefully we can connect some other time. I have so manny questions. Place looks aamazing by the way, great job @joni shehu

@Andre Medeiros So sorry we had to reschedule. I'm PMing you now with my contact info. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer.

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