Meetup of real estate investors in East Bay

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  • 11/19/17 02:00PM
  • Panera bread - 7030 Amador Plaza Rd, Dublin, CA 94568
  • Free

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Hello Everyone,

     I am a real estate investor based out of SF bay area. I am mainly investing out of state and looking to jump into flipping and investing in MF properties. I would like to meet with other investors located here in East bay who do local as well as out of state deals.

Please let me know who can attend so I can get a count.



@Alpesh Parmar ,

@Katie P. , @Merced F. , and @Anna 

@Anna Myers hold a meetup in the East Bay every month. And @Ryder Meehan and @Chris V do a meetup for out of state investors in San Francisco every month. Out in the Dublin area, I think Beau Eckstein has one monthly (search google). There are also several meetups in the networking section of BP, and on . Of course, it's great to start one of your own also. Just wanted you to be able to connect with the rest of the groups :)

Thanks J. Martin for letting me know. I will definitely reach out to Anna, Ryder and Chris. I was just planning to see who all are in tri-valley area. I have a small REI group here in tri-valley and members from my group will be coming so it would be good for them to hang out with other investors.

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