Milwaukee Brew City REI Meetup: ALL ABOUT AirBnB

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Join us as we learn from investors who actively operate AirBnB's in Wisconsin. They will share their AirBnB start up story and tips and answer questions. If you're thinking about Air BnB'ing a room in your house or transitioning a property in to one, this is a Meetup that you won't want to miss.



Dave Carpenter is a full time investor/business owner. He began his investing by purchasing a duplex in 2011 which he lived in while renting the other half out. In 2014 after a vacation where they stayed in Airbnb’s as guests, Dave and his wife decided to offer their spare bedroom on Airbnb and have hosted over 100 people. He recently purchased two automated car washes north of Milwaukee. Dave enjoys the flexible lifestyle that investing has allowed he and his family.


Michael Dicks is an Engineering, Technology and Design instructor at Nicolet High School and Owner of Dicks Properties LLC since 2008. Michael has his Masters degree in Educational Technology from Marian University and a Bachelor's Degree in Technology and Engineering Education with a minor in Construction and Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Michael is an active member of the International Technology and Engineering Education Association and The Milwaukee Film Alliance. Michael is a current Superhost on AirBNB and has been since 2015. Michael is currently working on expanding his real estate portfolio, and revamping career and entrepreneurial education while raising 2 energetic boys with his lovely wife.


Brenda Koehler started real estate in 2010, buying a foreclosed 4 plex near the airport so that her kids were nearby but not in her house. She remodeled all but one of the units over the years. In 2011, she bought a duplex in West Allis and an SFR foreclosure which she rehabbed. In 2016, she purchased and rehabbed another foreclosed 4 plex near her other 4 plex. As regular tenants attrition, she is moving to Airbnb model only, specializing in travelling nurses, physical therapists, airport personnel, IT people, doctors, etc. The benefit she's seen is the ability to get in and fix things while no one is there and being able to take vacation by taking them off line, etc. Brenda's full-time job is an Information Technology Project Manager.


Before leaving University, Ryan Pattee had already discovered his calling. What began as an ambitious school project about income properties, developed into a unique and strategic business plan. Now 12 years later, Ryan has built his own real estate empire with dozens of properties, some currently being used as AirBnB’s. Today Ryan is a father of two, full-time real estate investor, licensed contractor, licensed real estate agent, and educator.

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Nice, Is anyone running a turn-key airbnb property management company in Milwaukee? Seems like Milwaukee is a great market to fill vacancies and increase returns on a short-term, especially during Summertime with the Lake! 

Thank you @Rebecca Holmes and @Nicole Valenzuela :)

PS If anyone in Milwaukee knows the Brickman family (the youngest son is a friend), let's connect!

I am checking with the Brew City REI Facebook group about any AirBnB property management question as there are many PMs in the group. That was an excellent question!

Is it Max Brickman you are referring to?