STL REI Meetup-November Local REI Happy Hour

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  • 11/28/17 05:00PM - 05:00PM America/New_York
  • Tamm Ave. Grill- 1227 Tamm Ave. St. Louis, Missouri 63139
  • Free

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Local STL meetup to meet other BP members and discuss the local REI scene. Please bring any problems, ideas, etc. to share with the group. There wont be a structure for this one or anything.

I'll be working up to 5pm most likely but will definitely attend afterwards. I am looking forward to getting to network with some local investors and accelerate my learning curve! See you there!

I'm new to the site and the REI scene, but look forward to coming to my 1st meet up. Hopefully I'll be able to make it out.

Everything is set. I talked to the manager and she was happy to let us use her backroom for a couple hours. I Look forward to meeting everyone!

I'm coming, and will be bringing a couple other people. See you soon!

Man I hope Megan and the others were still there when you got there. I had to leave at 6

I would like to join you all at the next meeting! Is there one in December? Thank You!

We are going to combine with @Megan Greathouse 's meetup to bolster the numbers of both. I'll see if we can make a event for it.

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