Probate Leads with Stacy Kellams - FREE Margarita's, Networking!!

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  • 12/11/17 06:00PM - 10:00PM America/Chicago
  • On Beltway 8 by 59N, 9520 North Sam Houston Parkway East Humble, Texas 77396
  • Free

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This Month we have Stacy Kellams from Austin, TX, who will be teaching on his probate system. So, if you need great leads, don't miss this months event!

Stacy Kellams Biography

When Stacy Kellams was only seventeen he clearly articulated the path he intended to take in life. After watching his grandfather get “down-sized” after twenty-nine years with no pension or severance made a lasting impression. Nearing his sixties, and depending on his pension for retirement, his grandfather was devastated.

It was at that moment Stacy determined NEVER to have a job and NEVER give anyone that much power over his life. This fueled an already strong entrepreneurial spirit, and it was a matter of weeks before he and his best friend, Levi started a “peep-hole” installation business.

Stacy Kellams struggled with the notion of “going to college” and “getting a job” so he dropped out several times to start businesses before ultimately realizing that whether or not he “got a job,” he did need business education to succeed as an entrepreneur.

With a degree in finance from Texas Tech University, Stacy plunged into the chaotic and lucrative environment of high finance where he became an investment adviser (RIA). “Wall Street is like craps, you win big, and you lose big,” said Stacy. And he did. Growing tired of the wild ride the stock market, Stacy shifted gears.

With his grandfather’s words whispering in his ear, “Son, they aint makin’ anymore land so you might should get you some,” Stacy refocused his attention back to the one investment he’d never lost money in. Real estate.

After putting his first probate property under contract at just twenty-five, Stacy never lost his enthusiasm for real estate. After ten years, he decided he wanted to give back. Knowing there was no way he could repay those who’d mentored him, he positioned himself as a mentor to others.

Launching a real estate education business,, was the best method by which he could lend his experience and education to the most people possible. Using the internet allows him to leverage his time, so he can spend the maximum amount of time with his wife, Hilary and their three children.

“Nothing is more important to me than my family. Being an internet marketer and real estate educator affords me the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.”

Stacy and his family spend their summers and many school breaks at their lake house in Northern Michigan. The Kellams’ strive to provide their children with experiences over possessions. “You can’t put a price on memories.”

Probate Power Profits

Is the ONLY probate real estate product available created by a probate real estate attorney. As investors, we make our money on the buy side of a deal, so obtaining the lowest possible acquisition price is a big key to success.

When someone passes a home on to a relative, it is generally a huge burden to the new owner. Now they have to travel to the home, meet with an agent who tells them how much cash they will have to dump into it in order to sell it and then pay holding costs over the next year until they can sell it.

All an heir really wants is what they thought they might get: CASH. This is where we come in. We offer a below-market offer and a quick close. They jump at it because it is a far more attractive option than putting $50,000 into a home they don't know will sell, paying taxes and agent fees in HOPES of recouping their investment. This is a time-intensive endeavor which means being away from home, work, and family to get the job done right. OR, accept our offer and cash the check a couple weeks later. Which direction do you think they are apt to go?

There is virtually no competition in probate because people believe it to be a complicated process when in fact, it is far easier due to the fact it requires no massive marketing budget. Probate Power Profits shows you how to find the leads (no, it's not an obituary) and how to execute on the leads for maximum chances of success.

Probate Power Profits is the ultimate probate investing system for newbies as well as seasoned investors AND agents.

Hope to See YOU there!

Thank you,

Landon Rothstein

832-203-7864 Office 281-852-7777 Cell/Text - Sell your house or become a private lender 

Landon and his meetings are very good! You should attend if you can? I drive all of the way from San Antonio to Houston to attend! Worked with Landon coaching him on raising capital from private lenders many years ago. You can ask him about me. Very proud of all that Landon has accomplished! He is a go getter! You ought to meet him! 

When is his event? There are two different dates and times. One is today at noon and the other was yesterday at 6pm. 


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