Local Real Estate Expert, Jim Zaspel and his wife Marina, have flipped well over 50 houses in and around Philadelphia last year, and they made a ton of money doing it, but here’s what’s important to you: Jim wants to help YOU flip houses for $30,000 profit EACH, too!

3 Myths About Real Estate Investing:

1. “You need lots of money to fund the deals.” – I’m here to tell you that you don’t. You see, private investors fund 100% of the purchase AND renovation costs for every one of our rehab projects, and no, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got bad credit! I’ll show you how to get private investors for your deals…even if your credit sucks!

2. “Flipping Houses is REALLY Risky!” – Risky? Not when you know the business and your local real estate market, and I’m going to show you where the hot parts of Philly and the suburbs are located, and I’ll also show you exactly how to identify these hot markets, so that you can apply these simple guidelines in ANY market.

3. “Real estate investing takes lots of time.” – LIE! My wife and I work about 15-25 hours per week, each, in our real estate business! That’s it! We spend the rest of our time with our family, running our other businesses, and taking (LOTS) of vacations. If you’re busy or don’t want to spend lots of time working, then flipping houses is THE business for you!

Here’s What You’ll Learn at the January GPREIA Meeting:

1.Where & How to Find Houses at BIG Discounts

2.How to “crunch the numbers” so you know exactly how much you’ll make on a deal

3.How to make offers

4.Jim's proven system for getting the rehab done right

5.Jim and Marina's secrets for selling houses FAST so you get paid quickly

ONLY Attend this Meeting IF….

You really want to know the “insider” secrets from a local expert who is making a TON of money flipping houses. ONLY attend this meeting if you’re interested making a LOT of money in real estate, without risking your money or credit. ONLY attend this meeting if you want to make an extra $30,000 - $300,000 in 2018 working part-time.

There Are Only 100 Seats Available, so RSVP Now!


We look forward to helping YOU make 2018 your best year ever!