San Francisco: Buying Real Estate with Bitcoin w/ Fred Auzenne

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  • 01/17/18 06:30PM - 09:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • New York Life office on the 9th floor, New York Life office on the 9th floor 425 Market St San Francisco, California 94105
  • Free

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Bitcoin is now active in real estate – Good or Bad? – Fred Auzenne will show you!

Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrency, has been actively used in retail industry over the years. What started out to be a virtual currency that seemed to have potential is now ruling markets worldwide. How so?

As we advance into a high-tech world so does our money and our means of trading. Real estate is no exclusion.


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The generation of buyers has evolved. Those kids who understand Bitcoin from its birth are now moms and pops who hold the purchase power, the new breed of consumers so different from generations before them. Understanding this alone will give you a good idea why and how Bitcoin became an important matter to be discussed if you want to be successful in real estate.

There is a built-in gain in using bitcoin for trade beyond the retail industry. The appreciation of convertible digital currencies has peaked over the past few years. There are those who may have purchased their bitcoin for less than $100 and held on to it. Today, they may have made HUGE amount of profits and can put their cryptocurrency gains into an investment such as real estate, whatever they hold that was once valued for thousands are now definitely worth millions. In 2017 alone bitcoin hit a 500% growth and sure is growing in the coming years.

Learn more about the value of bitcoin in real estate markets as Fred Auzenne debunk the myths of cryptocurrency and expose the facts related to your real estate success.


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