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  • 01/17/18 07:00PM - 10:00PM America/New_York
  • 3470 East Tremont Ave Bronx, New York 10465
  • $15

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Hi Everyone,

I hope every one is enjoying their Holidays! I'm excited to announce our long overdue, next meetup in the Bronx. This was originally scheduled for December, so people who have paid are already set for our January 17th meetup. 

Our next meetup will be on Business Planning and Setting Goals for 2018. We will be basing this off of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor book by Gary Keller. While the course is meant to be an all day course, we will be compacting a lot of it into about 90 minutes. We would need at least 20 reservations and will be capping this off to 40 people due to limited seating. If you want to ROCK 2018 you MUST plan and set goals. This will be your 1st step to doing so, and if we have members who have already set goals and have plans we will encourage you to talk about it. As always you can RSVP at

Location is 3470 East Tremont Ave Bronx, NY 10465

Price will be $15 per person. To cover venue and we will be ordering pizza and making a toast for a great and successful 2018!!!!

Call, email, or text me with any questions.

Remember, we do these meetups to help push each-other, network, build relationships, etc... We are not there to solicit each-other and push our services or businesses on each-other.  Let's focus on building relationships and these things will happen organically. We look forward to seeing everyone soon. 

Good morning All,

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are cancelling tomorrow's meetup. We will keep everyone posted on the next date, and everyone who has paid will be refunded. We've already had a few concerns due to the pending snow tomorrow, so we that it would be best to postpone this meetup and reschedule. Contact me with any questions. We will send out follow up emails. 

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