Newburgh Real Estate Investors morning meetup

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  • 01/12/18 08:00AM - 08:30AM America/New_York
  • Blacc Vanilla Cafe. , 197 South St Newburgh , New York 12550
  • Free

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Happy New Year, next meetup is posted.  Looking forward to another great morning.  Last meet up had about 20 folks a mix of newer and experienced investors. Landlords/flippers. 

We also had a variety of service folks.  I’m Inviting a few banks and also the City appraiser, and code inspector.  Updates to follow.  

Pls note the last event was pretty crowded and the cafe was happy with us.  As long as we keep buying coffee/pastries we should be ok.  

Looking forward to seeing you all.  

@John Hickey I am very interested in attending the event. I am interested in multifamilies in Newburgh, and I am looking to learn more before I pull the trigger.

May you please confirm the meeting date. Did you mean January 30th? 

The date is currently showing December 30th.

Thanks for putting this together, and Happy New Year!

@Nobuhle Musekiwa glad your interested in Newburgh, love that City.

The meetup is is 1/12/18. Thanks for catching that I’ll work on fixing it.

I wonder if the moderators can edit.

Hi guys,

Would love to make it, but I work Friday mornings. Can the next one be on a weekend? Haha I could do 1/13. Wishing you the best. And thanks @John Hickey for setting these up and letting us know about other meet ups.


Thanks to the mods for fixing the date!

@Luiggi Ramos this one is morning weekdays for the near future.  I can tell you though that if you were to start up a weekend meetup you’d have a lot of interest.  We started this one to put Investors together and help get some activity going in Newburgh.  If you want to start one I can help you and put you in contact with others interested.  I think it’s a good idea. Maybe Blacc Vanilla is good for you also...check out deja Brew too.  

This meetup is Orange County RE investors.  1/3/18 check the link.

This is the Orange County Landlords association they meet in the 3rd Wednesday at cosimos 7pm.

This is Navigating Newburgh, it’s probably the most well attended event in Newburgh.  I’ve met Thomas Burr Dodd.  He’s doing great stuff.  I think anyone interested in Newbugh should attend his event and try to speak with him.

@Sarah Hooff has might have some other info to add.  

First meeting was excellent, great work @John Hickey .  

I will try my best to attend this one! 

Great @John Hickey and @Luiggi Ramos !

All good meet-ups where you can find information and meet people active in Newburgh. 
Navigating Newburgh is also organizing a sub-group meeting related to entrepreneurship in Newburgh which has it's first meeting before the holidays. It was held at Deja Brew and was very well attended. I will circulate the info about he next meeting when it comes out.

In general, I would recommend hanging out in Newburgh as much as possible at various spots, popular and not yet popular-- it's a small town with a lot of opinionated people, and dubious information is best remedied by dilution! ;) 
If there is ever a weekend day you would like to grab a cuppa and talk, just let me know. Please consider me a resource. 

Thanks @John Hickey. I will be there for this one. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group. Happy New Year everyone! 

@John Hickey Happy New Year. Unfortunately won't make this meet up  (argh!). Will be on the look out for upcoming ones.

@Moises Benitez we will miss ya.  

The next ones in February.  Don’t sleep on Newburgh! 

There’s some deals floating around in this cold weather. 

Hoping to land our first one very soon!

@Paul Tarsney well come tell us about it! I have one I might close on this week as well......let’s compare notes. 

So far I’ve confirmed Mesh Realty, John Poggioli( Eviction Attorney) and a representative from Key Bank commercial


@John Hickey Yesterday our offer accepted on 208 Renwick! Its a 2 family, each 2 bedrooms and a yard in the back. Needs work but we can do it.

Very excited (and nervous). 20% down and RockEast Group is our HML. Should be a great starter for us.

@Paul Tarsney - Congrats! I have been on the hunt as well. How did you end up sourcing the property? 

looking forward to Friday to network ! need buyers fro Hudson valley deals !

@Paul Tarsney welcome to Renwick! We’re neighbors now!

We should strategize with the neighbors on cameras. There are only a few rough Buildings on renwick. I own 100 and I know a few owners on the block.

Let’s talk about how we fix the whole block.

Looking forward for this event!!!

@Michael Haberman Thanks and yes I saw that  - I'm following all the Newburgh area news and sites I can find through Facebook and elsewhere. It is great validation for investors and Newburgh in general. 

Great RSVP list! 

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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