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  • 01/27/18 09:00AM - 12:00PM America/Chicago
  • 20150 W Bluemound Rd Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045
  • $10

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For the first Meetup of the year, we are bringing in every investor's dream come true--2 local Real Estate Lawyers and Accountant in the same room for January's guest panel!!

The topic of discussion will be corporate structuring, buying properties, wills, and estate planning from a legal and tax standpoint.


~The basic run down of the probate process & wills and things to thing about from a tax perspective.

~The differences between S-Corp, LLC, LLP, C-Corp from a legal perspective and tax perspective as it pertains to buying properties

~What is a trust and when should I think about setting one up? When does it make sense to have a holding company for all the properties instead of individual LLC's

~A break down of the exemplary corporate structure for active & passive income (image we will be discussing is posted in Brew City Group)


Josh Martin will be our MC for the event.

Many of us work with Eric Trost from SVA but for those that don't, Eric is a highly experienced Real Estate accountant who knows every aspect of real estate investing. Atty Taylor Rens and Atty Jeff Krug are Real Estate attorneys specializing in real estate transactions, business structure and development and estate planning.



@Rebecca Holmes , I am one and while I appreciate the sentiment  I'm not sure I'd call two attorney's and an accountant in the same room every investors dream. :)  Sometimes nightmare maybe!

Looks like a good meeting.  These are very important topics as the market matures and focus should be shifting to proper asset allocation and protection.

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