Interested in joining a local Mastermind? Join us for breakfast!

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  • 01/25/18 07:00AM - 09:00AM America/Chicago
  • Contact J Benoit for details on location, TBD Birmingham, Alabama 35209
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. There may be pitching of products, services or properties at this event!

BamaInvest is pleased to announce the formation of the BamaInvest Mastermind Group. A Mastermind Group is a collection of like-minded individuals who meet on a regular basis to share information, ideas, and solutions.


  • Local Expertise – A group of experts to advise you on the local real estate market trends. Get insider access to the BamaInvest team – and a wealth of high-level value that is provided exclusively to the mastermind group!
  • Joint Venture opportunities – Learn about potential opportunities that are win-win for all parties involved
  • Regular face to face local meetings – These meetings will be informational, educational and they will keep you accountable to your goals
  • Increased skill set- Do you have the skills to buy correctly? Come find out, we will work through that with you. Shortcut your learning curve as an investor!
  • New ideas - Have you hit a plateau or need motivation? Join us and gain new perspectives and insights

Close connections – You don’t have to do this business alone. This is a team that will help you be a part of something larger….and much greater!

So much more will be provided in this group.  This is a free event to see if we are a good fit for each other.  We'll have breakfast and conversation during this meeting.  There will not be any high pressure to join.  If you do decide to join, there will be a fee.  This is not a free group but you must be willing to make the commitment and dedicate yourself to it.  This Mastermind is going to be a limited group, so if you want to join, please contact J Benoit today to reserve your opportunity.


J Benoit is the BamaInvest Mastermind leader and has been investing in Real Estate since 2001. He has been involved in well over 600 real estate transactions as an investor since 2011 (all in the Alabama market). J is a licensed real estate agent and has created a property management company and a maintenance company in Birmingham AL. J has been a hard money lender since 2000 and has over 100 properties in his buy and hold model.

Please contact J Benoit via Bigger Pockets to know more about this local opportunity.

I'm interested. When is the first meeting?

Thanks for the interest Adam.  It was good to see you last night.  I'll send you the information for our Thursday breakfast soon.

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