City of Buffalo New York Meet Up

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  • 02/21/18 06:00PM - 08:30PM America/New_York
  • Enter at main entrance of the Parish Commons, 656 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222 Buffalo, New York 14222
  • Free

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Hello Buffalo!

We had our first successful City of Buffalo NY  Meet Up last week and it was amazing! Thanks to the 15 of those who showed up and made our first meet a great success! We all loved it so much we’re ready for more.

Our next meet up will be February 21st 2018. Max Calabrese (@Michael Calabrese) who attended last week has been gracious enough to open up his amazing meeting space at the Parish Commons in the heart of the Elmwood Village. Located @ 656 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222. Lets bring light snacks to share (chips, dip, soda, beer etc…).

If you have any questions or can’t find us feel free to call or text me @ 716 320 seventeen twenty nine.

Excited to see you all there!

Raylan Willis

Just a reminder to those who will join us for the first time; this is a very casual event with no pitching or sales of any sort. Our format thus far  consists of a light intro from everyone, a general round table discussion and then break out into groups that naturally form based on interests.  We’re here to meet new people, learn what others are doing in the Buffalo market and most importantly share our own individual experiences to help others advance their personal investment goals and to help the Buffalo market become stronger. 

Dang gotta work a 12 hr shift that day again!

Looking forward to meeting and networking with you guys and gals

Hi all - my name is Aleem. Completely new here but have listened to the podcast on/off. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make 02/21 but looking forward to an alternate date in March! Glad to see meetups are occurring here! 

Hello all...very much a newbie on here. Would love to make this meeting and meet new people while introducing myself. Hope to see everyone.

This post has been removed.

I'm very interested in attending the next meetup in Feb! give me the time and place and I'm there! 716 - 238 - four four zero three

Hi Ryan, Thought I’d reply here as well as texting for others to see.

Feb 21st

6-8 pm 

656 Elmwood ave 14222

Please bring a drink and or snack to share 

See everyone there! 

Hello everyone, I'm a beginner in the idea of real estate investing and was wondering is this a good event for me to attend?  I don't have any experience to contribute but am very interested in learning how to start, especially locally.

@Geoffrey Zielinski This is perfect for you to attend! A great mix of rookies, very experienced investors, and all in between. Hope to see you there!

Hey everyone! 

Just wanted to check in and say how exciting it is we’re over the 20 person mark so far and counting. I’m actively recruiting others who seem on the fence about taking the investor plunge and I encourage others to do the same. Its not required to sign up here so let’s make it easy for those on the fence to just show up. 

I also wanted to address parking for the event and ask Max @Michael Calabrese if we’re good to park in the main parking lot starting at 6pm?

Also as a friendly reminder to bring a creative but simple food and or beverage to share with about a dozen plus attendees.

Thanks everyone looking forward to February’s event!


Hello Everyone!

Today is the day for our monthly meeting. We're a go to park in the general parking lot thats part of the Parish Commons. Please enter through the main doors and find us upstairs. We're looking at over 2 dozen attendees this month which is really exciting! See everyone there tonight. 

Please text or call me today if you have any questions or difficulty finding us tonight. Showing up late is perfectly fine, you'll only miss the quick introductions at the beginning. 

Excited to see everyone and hold our second meet up!


(716) 3 two zero 1 seven 2 9 

text me to call as I screen my calls heavily OR Call and leave a VM and I'll call you back

I’ll definitely try my best to make it today

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