South Minneapolis Real Estate Investing Meetup

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  • 03/08/18 06:30PM - 08:00PM America/Chicago
  • Venn Brewing, 3550 E 46th St Suite 140 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
  • Free

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This is the first meetup for this new group and I am looking to have featured guests and specific topics in the future but for this meetup there will be more open networking time. The topics I would like to touch on for this meetup are the BRRRR strategy and house hacking. I currently have a couple projects going on involving both topics. I am primarily a buy and hold investor and the majority of my projects are out of state. The focus of this group is to educate each other and to create a welcoming environment for real estate investors to network and learn.

If this sounds interesting to you please come down to Venn Brewing, have a beer, and talk some real estate. Open to anyone from newbies to experienced investors and everyone in between.  

Venn Brewing

3550 E 46th St Suite 140, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55406

6:30 PM start time

Limited parking in Venn's lot but easier to park on 46th Street or another side street. Venn is also located right on the light rail blue line at the 46th street stop.


Kurt Pauley

@Jonathan Dendauw I was planning on it but I found out over the weekend that my son's basketball team planned an end of the year pizza party for that night.  If that party doesn't happen then I will be there.

Let me know when the next meetup is and I’d love to join. I currently invest in South east Minneapolis.

I'm also interested in future meet ups.  Thanks for setting this up, @Kurt Pauley

That sounds great those are both things I would like to do.  What day is it? I hope I didn't miss it!

Hey @Kurt Pauley , thanks for putting this together. My wife and I will both be there- we live just down the way over by the Riverview Theater.

@Joseph Lee You're totally welcome and thank you guys so much for planning to come. My wife and I also live close by and she will be present also. Looking forward to it!! 

@Kurt Pauley Thanks for organizing this! I'll definitely be attending any future meetup in the summer.

Thanks for organizing!  Can't make it tonight but will absolutely plan on attending future meetups.

Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight. Bring your business cards if you have them. If you have any questions or can't find us I can be reached at 402-681-8622.

Hi guys, We are just to the right when you enter Venn Brewing. 


I had a GREAT time thank you to Kurt and Calia so much for putting the meeting together.  I learned some new tricks, and put some more tools in my tool box! Joseph and Kelly it was great to meet you.  Jonathan nice meeting you.  Please tell me when your next meeting is.

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