Out of State Real Estate - Rentals/wholesale/flips Not In CA

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  • 03/07/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Meeting upstairs, 1129 E Main St Alhambra, California 91801
  • Free

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What we're about:

This is a group for real estate investors who don't want to pay $400,000 for a house in Compton. While CA may be a great place to invest for appreciation we are focused on locations where it still makes sense to hold rental properties and live off the cash-flow. If your looking for great cities where the median home is under $150k, this is the place to meetup and talk. No sell pitches, no "programs", just a weekly get together for like minded investors to share ideas and strategies. Out of state investing is hard, come and share ideas and strategies with active investors.

This months Topic - Learn to be the bank

What are the two main problems with out-of-state investing?

Finding a good Property Manager and finding a good Contractor. In this meetup you'll learn how to get long term cash flow without having to deal with either of these. We will be diving into land contracts, and other creative seller financing terms to turn your renter into a Home owner. We will explore how to make this a win-win situation for everyone to ensure your setting you and your tenant up for long term success. Motto for this meeting. "It's Fun to be the Bank."

We will discuss in detail how to properly set them up.
Home Warranty, Interest Rates, Taxes, What's legal and what's not, Ethics, Tenant Screening, Finding a buyer, Coming up with the money, Term Length, Term Conditions, and lots more. We will be diving into the details of how to get the deal done.

Also as a bonus, time permitted, we will discuss some of the key marketing methods to attract distressed sellers (in order to buy homes at a discount). High level overview of direct mail, Facebook advertising, PPC, SEO, bird dogs, bandit signs, etc.

If interested in attending please RSVP on meetup.com  Link to meetup

Hi @Rebecca Baird , holding a meetup once a month.  I'll try to post on BP farther in advance next time, sorry about that.  Feel free to sign up for meetup notifications on meetup.com  Thanks!

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