St. Louis REI Happy Hour!

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  • 03/29/18 05:00PM - 08:00PM America/Chicago
  • Free parking. Food & drinks for purchase., 6413 Clayton Ave Saint Louis, Missouri 63139
  • Free

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Our next St. Louis meet up will be on Thursday, March 29th at 5pm. We'll meet at Heavy Riff Brewing in Dogtown. For those who haven't been yet, this is an informal get-together to chat with fellow investors of all levels of experience. No agenda... just a bunch of like-minded people getting together to talk real estate. Hope to see you there!

I just moved to St. Louis at the end of December and have been looking for a local REI group to talk real estate. This looks like a perfect fit! I have yet to invest in my first property, but I'm looking forward to hearing more from those with more experience.

Do I need to do anything additional to attend? Or simply show up at 5 pm on Thursday?

just show up Josh. and some might be there a little early so it doesn't have to be exactly 5pm.

@Joshua Hittinger , I'm not quite an investor yet either, but I went last month and came away with a lot...Except my debit card.  The brewery gave my debit card to someone else.

Had a good time tonight.  Got my debit card back(yes I cancelled the original and got a new in the mean time.)  Look forward to the next one!

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