CNY Real Estate Investors Monthly Meetup - 1st Tues - 7pm- 4/3/18

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  • 04/03/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Meet in the Lobby Bar - "WXYZ Lounge", Aloft Syracuse Inner Harbor, 310 W. Kirkpatrick St. Syracuse, New York 13204
  • Free

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Hello Fellow BP'ers!

Our most recent monthly CNY RE Investors Meetup was held on 3/6/18 at Aloft Inner Harbor in Syracuse and we had a great group with several new faces as well as new ideas and information, not to mention a few new business relationships created.

Our next meetup is on Tues 4/3/18 at 7pm again at the Aloft Inner Harbor, as it helps us maintain the conversational style of this networking meetup.

As always, there is no fee to attend other than a willingness to share what you know or have learned with other investors and learn from them what you may not know. Our intent is to make everyone more successful in the region and by trading knowledge so we all can do more deals!

Please join us and bring along any other investors with this same mindset. Also, please share any recent happenings for your REI journey, whether new deals, possibilities or goals in the next few months or year and include what you're looking for most at the present time, whether it be financing, a certain type of property or just a certain area in the region you'd like to know more about.

See ya there!


I've been lurking on BP for a while and have started to look at/analyze houses with my husband. I'd love to start meeting others like us. Are the meetups always at Aloft the first Tuesday?


Looking for the gentleman who just closed on a house in the city and was going to collect his rent. I have more info on a house that fits your wheelhouse.

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