Sourcing Great Deals In Today's Market+Investor Friendly Attorney

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  • 04/18/18 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Come to the back right of the restaurant, Nottinghams- 8850 Stanford Blvd Columbia, Maryland 21045
  • Free

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If you are actively investing in real estate you know that deals aren't just falling in your lap like a few years ago. Deals are harder to find BUT there still are a ton of them out there. You have to be actively marketing to find profitable deals in today's market. At this months real estate investing incubator Meetup Group we are gonna be talking all about Sourcing Good Deals In Today's Market. These good deals can be wholesales, flips or rentals.

Sneak peak at some of the topics we are going to discuss:

- Direct marketing to sellers
- Online marketing campaigns
- Working directly with asset managers before they hit the market
- Working with real estate agents for pocket listings
- MLS... YES, there are still deals here if you know what you are looking for and how to automate it.
- How to properly bid on online and offline auctions- A few secret strategies the expert use....

PLUS- We invited Amin Khakpouri from Universal Title to speak. They are an investor friendly title company and will be talking about wholesale assignments and double closings. It is so important for investors to work with a title company AND Attorney that understands creative real estate investing.

Doors open at 6pm on April 18th. We will start speaking at 6:45.

Free and open to all but you must RSVP so we can reserve your seat.Nottingham's Restaurant in Columbia, MD.

Please rsvp at

Hi @Jason Balin

Is there a chance you'll be making online meetups? I would love to attend this kind of meetings since

I am investing in Columbia SC and the surrounding, yet I live on a different continent... I am from and still live in Israel :)  

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