Boston Meet Up / Networking

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  • 05/10/18 07:00PM - 10:00PM America/New_York
  • Gather, 75 Northern Ave Boston, Massachusetts 02210
  • Free

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Putting the May event on the books for informal networking and drinks.  We had a great turn out last month and hope to keep the momentum going!  More details to come .. I'll work with the restaurant to see if we can have some reserved space, signage, etc. 

Hi everyone,

We have reserved the first large table top when you walk into Gather booked for May 10.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!  Please pass along to others you think will be interested.  I will bring pen and paper so people can provide email addresses and can use email and BP to communicate out future meetings.



Kyle - what town will this be held in?


It’s in Boston at the restaurant Gather , 75 Northern Ave

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday 5/10.  As I mentioned above, we'll be at the first table top when you walk into Gather.  

Thanks and see you on Thursday.


@Kyle Joseph are you still holding meet-ups in/around Boston? if yes, when is the next meet up


I have not held a meeting in quite a while.  I moved out of the downtown area and stopped setting them.  I'd recommend setting one up if you can, people seemed to enjoy it!

@Niyi A. We are hosting a meetup on January 19th at a 4family building we own in Brighton.

You are more than welcome to come. It's a free event.

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