This one of the events that I have been looking forward to personally. I recently had the opportunity to listen to an audio book about Notes Investing and although there are many great books on Audible, I chose to listen to “Note Investing Made Easier” by Martin Saenz. After listening to the audio book, I was compelled to reach out to Mr. Saenz. Turns out that in spite of having an Amazon Bestseller and busy running his business, he was very approachable and I was able to convince him to fly out from the East Coast to present to our group. This is a rare opportunity to

How to make a great living from real estate without ever owning a property!

As a mortgage note investor you do not have to worry about bad tenants, high maintenance costs or vacancy issues associated with owning property.Martin Saenz is an expert in buying distressed mortgage notes and helping borrowers get back on their feet with payments they can afford while creating 30 year streams of cashflow for himself.If this sounds intriguing, then I suggest that you RSVP for one of these events in advance and block out your calendar because Mr. Saenz will blow you away with the simplicity and candor of how to acquire and own distressed notes and turn them into performing notes.

Here is a free report that Martin has put together:

and here is the link to his book on Amazon/Audible:

When and Where

June 18 6:30 PM: NY Life, 2121 South San Mateo, CA [4th Floor]

June 19 6:30 PM: NY Life, San Francisco, 425 Market St, San Francisco [9th Floor]

June 20 6:30 PM: NY Life, 39650 Liberty St, Fremont, CA 94538 [2nd Floor]

Light dinner will be provided at all three events.

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More details here:

Happy Investing!


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