Residential & Commercial Lending Fundamentals: Having the Right Financial Resume in Obtaining Mortgages!

Date: June, 2nd 2018

Time: 10am-12pm

Location: Better than Success Offices, (2930 Jasper Street), Philadelphia PA (Parking Lot)

Presented By: Joseph V. Scorese, Senior Loan Officer, Firstrust Bank

The Residential & Commercial Real Estate Lending Market has changed dramatically, for consumers and real estate professionals.

•But what’s really happening?

•What’s driving that change?

•And what role will real estate professionals have in the future?

•Develop a game plan

The Real Estate Lending Game Plan answers those questions with a look at the forces shaping the industry and their impact on who will be the winners—and losers—in the future. We will provide a specific, how-to guide for new and expert real estate professionals to capitalize on these lending fundamental changes and create thriving real estate businesses in the years ahead.

• Financing the first deal – The 8 Step Rule

• Negotiating the First Deal

• Alternative Types of Financing – Bridge Lending, Commercial, Development, Mixed Use & Etc.

• 5 Ways to get Rehab loans – ARV, MAO & CASHFLOW

• Portfolio Lending – Building that relationship with a Portfolio Lender