Tulsa Investors Lunch Meetup

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  • 06/19/18 12:00PM - 01:30PM America/Chicago
  • On The Border Mexican Cantina, 5340 E 41st St South Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135
  • Free

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Tulsa area Investors!  Join us for the first of many lunch meetups on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  

This is a casual networking event for like-minded investors who want to network, learn and meet new colleagues in a friendly environment.  There are no speakers, offers, sponsors or pitches involved.  

All levels of experience are welcome and will find value in this event.  There is no pressure or obligation to share, but the opportunity to learn and connect with other investors will be available to everyone.   

investors, wholesalers, lenders, agents and other service providers welcome.  

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, suggestions or contributions.  Location is subject to change based on attendee convenience.  

***as this is the first meetup of it's kind, please RSVP in the comments (or PM), if possible so we can have a somewhat accurate head count***

Tuesday, June 19th

On The Border Mexican Cantina

5340 E 41st St South, Tulsa, OK 74135

I will be out of town for this first one, but definitely interested in the future!


Are you familiar with the monthly BP meetup that @Deren Huang hosts each month? Not that more meet ups wouldnt be great but i think it is usually around that same time each month. 

Do you have  a time set for the one on the 19th?

I will be there! Can't wait. 

@Samuel Fowler Yes, it is scheduled for 12, noon.

Yes, I know there is an evening meetup already, but I wanted an option for those of us that find it easier to schedule around a lunch or daytime option.  

Just a reminder: the Tulsa Investors Lunch Meetup is one week from today. See you all there.

Last reminder for the Tulsa Investors Lunch Meetup tomorrow at noon.

On the Border
5340 E 41st St South, Tulsa, OK 74135

See you all there!

Sorry for the late notice, but I plan on attending and look forward to meeting you all then.


Is the reservation going to be under your name when we come in?

@Joshua McMillen

The next meetup will be on the 17th of July, but I think we are going to change the venue.  I will be sending out notifications soon.

i definitely want to mark my calendar for this next one !

Hey everyone. New event notification has been posted.  NOTE THE NEW LOCATION

Hi there, is there a lunch meet up in August (the 19th?). If so, where?

Updated 11 months ago

OK, 12:00 pm Brothers Houligan at S. Yale and 50th

Updated 11 months ago

Third Tuesday is the 21st, so is there a lunch meet?

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