Are you coming Saturday?

If your marketing sucks, your business will suffer. The topic was the sexiest thing in real estate, and the most important, marketing.We had a great meeting Tuesday night with Jason Roberts.

This Saturday, Jason and his partner Rachel will go much deeper into detail of how you need to set up your marketing to copy his success.  Jason laid out a blueprint for all of us to follow.Jason told us his whole story. how he went from bankrupt in 2008 to making millions in 2018.He laid out the basics of how his marketing turned his life around, and allowed him to do more than 300 profitable real estate deals, completely changing his life.

So my question is, are you coming?

Pittsburgh PA 15237 (Ross twp)

3579 Masonic Way

PS - we will be there from 9 am to 3 PM - food is included


To your success

Go to now to reserve your seat.You can register day of the event but you might be standing or sitting on the floor.We won’t turn anyone away.

To pre register for the event follow this link, hurry up because seating is limited to the first 160 people to register (sorry that is all that we can fit in the room)