Atlanta REI Meetup (Monthly Real Estate Meetup)

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  • 07/25/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • The Ivy, Buckhead. Valet is FREE for our event, 3717 Roswell Rd Atlanta, Georgia 30342
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. Poster certifies that there will be no pitching of products or services at this event.

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This group was formerly known as "Monthly Northern Atlanta Real Estate Meet Up/Mastermind" and ran by Jered Sturm.  Vince Crane has recently stepped up to manage the group now that Mr. Sturm relocated with this family.

CLICK HERE for access to our closed Facebook group, also scroll to the bottom for additional information on the Facebook group.  

The Meetup was originally created for the purpose of exchanging knowledge, offering value to other, share stories and make friends all while holding each other accountable to our individual goals.  Although at times it might be hard to run a meetup of this scale without incurring costs, we've been able to bring you monthly value at no costs!  You've all been to meetups that are focused on sales pitches.  No worries, this monthly group is solely for the purpose of bringing you value from guest speakers, or speakers from the group who want to share their knowledge and network afterwards.  There are NO sales pitches and NO fees to join.  

As we grow, we'll be asking many of you for advice.  One of the recent changes we'll be implementing to this group is the live Facebook video while our guest speaker is talking.  The guest speaker usually talks for 30-45 minutes.  The rest of the event is for networking.  Now that we'll be at the new location, The Ivy in Buckhead, you'll have access to all the food and beverages before, during and after the event.

The Ivy has given us the top floor with our own waitstaff and bartenders.  This doesn't mean you need to be sloshed, but by all means enjoy a drink and some dinner while networking with others!  We'll have everything our speakers need for their presentations.  Although the space is not as large as our previous location, there will be plenty of standing room and I believe a balcony.  So come early for a comfortable seat.

The event will be held monthly, the last Wednesday of every month and currently at 7pm-9pm.  Currently we have been given FREE Valet service for anyone in our event.  PLEASE PLEASE still tip your valet member.  Remember, this is mutually beneficial for The Ivy, so we must still take care of their people if we expect them to take care of us and allow us full access to their upstairs area monthly.

Please also join our Facebook Group to stay abreast of monthly meetups, guest speakers and the Facebook live video.  I'm sure we've all listened to someone share an awesome idea or trick, then months later couldn't remember what the gold nugget was.  Now you'll have your very own library via our Facebook group to go back and refresh your memory.  Please CLICK HERE for the group.  The group is closed, but request to be added.  Any of your existing friends who are in the group can approve. So come on over!!  See you all soon.

Updated about 3 years ago

On my main event post, under location I misspelled Valet. I typed in "Valey", please correct for us. JL

Updated about 3 years ago

On my main event post, under location I misspelled Valet. I typed in "Valey", please correct for us. JL

QUICK UPDATE (meeting a day earlier)

For this first meeting we were JUST notified of a change:

-Owners already had an event planned, so we have to push ours back a day.  Tuesday the 24th, same time  (future meeting are still the last Wednesday of each month)  Change your calendar or reminder right now for the 24th..Seriously, change it now.

-Valet will be $3    Although we were originally told it would be free, I think they received a little push back.  I'm sure once they see how many of us will come, this hopefully will change back to free.  If you choose to park elsewhere, be mindful of where and do not get booted parking illegally.  

I will certainly try to make it to there on the 24th! Question for y'all- I am doing my business, at least for now, in south ATL market. Is it still worthwhile for me and good for y'all for me to go? Thanks!

Looking forward to attending! Just recently moved to ATL and looking to meet all of you. 

Reminder: Our meetup is tuesday july 24th this month, from 7pm-9pm at The Ivy in Buckhead. We're expecting to have well over 100 people attending so come early. Also join BiggerPockets Atlanta on facebook to stay up to date with our meetups and networking!

Updated about 3 years ago

We have renamed the meetup group here, and on facebook, to "Atlanta REI Meetup"

Hey everyone, join our fb group, it's called "Atlanta REI Meetup" and we have 500 members and meet once per month. That way you can stay up to date with the meetup schedule, post and find deals, and network.

Reminder, we're all meeting at the ivy again, upstairs there, 7pm on August 29th, next wednesday. We had 130 people last time, so come back and enjoy. We've got another great guest speaker and the entire upstairs rented out just for us! Also join our facebook group "Atlanta REI Meetup"

We have J Scott coming September 25th to speak at our meetup. If you're interested in coming to that meetup or any of our other ones, it's the last Wednesday of each month, search "Atlanta REI Meetup" on Facebook and request to join and you'll see the dates and location of our meetup with all the details. We have an incredible line up of speakers and it's the largest real estate investing meetup in Atlanta, and it's free!

The next meetup is the last Wednesday of June at the ivy in buckhead at 7pm, and will continue to be the last wednesday of each month at 7pm at the ivy. Looking forward to seeing you all. We've got 1,150 people in our facebook group now, Atlanta REI Meetup. And we have been averaging around 120 people coming per month.

Updated almost 2 years ago

:August 27th is the next meetup date