5:30PM-5:50PM - Open Networking

5:50PM-6:15PM - Presentation on monthly topic and discussion

6:20PM-8:00PM - Speed networking: 10 minutes per person and switch!

8:00PM-8:30PM - Hang out and discuss investing with other members. Open networking.

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Newbies welcome! Check out these resources:
Rent-to-Value Ratio: http://simplepassivecashflow.com/podcast-3-rent-to-value-ratio/
How Mom & Pop investors Fail: http://simplepassivecashflow.com/return-on-equity/
Turn Key Rentals: http://simplepassivecashflow.com/podcast-5-so-you-want-to-buy-a-turnkey-rental/
Video how to make 35% annual returns investing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXrMthamphA&feature=youtu.be
And many more: http://simplepassivecashflow.com/start/

SimplePassiveCashflow.com is for working professionals who are looking for diversification and better returns outside of traditional investments such as mutual funds and stocks. The Hui Deal Pipeline Club (https://simplepassivecashflow.activehosted.com/f/3) is a free investor club where I filter investments and underwrite the numbers and partners myself. Unlike other investor lists and groups, my investors have personal access to me and know that I personally have skin in the game investing alongside with my investors.