Real Estate From Anywhere (out of state, long distance, rental)

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  • 07/25/18 05:30PM - 08:00PM America/Denver
  • Lowdown Brewery + Restaurant: 800 Lincoln St Denver, Colorado 80203
  • Free

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Hi Denver BP Community,

Come join us to get the the conversation started about "Real Estate From Anywhere!"

Come join us if you are looking to get creative in real estate investing, are exploring out of state, anywhere in Colorado, or just outside of Denver, and want to build up your network and resources.  People who should attend are individuals that want to build a rental portfolio that will allow them to be financially independent and/or have a solid retirement plan in the future. 

At this first meetup we will mostly be networking and learn what markets everyone is investing in or researching. Following this meetup, I hope to offer short presentations over topics of interest and allow the remainder of time for networking.

I will post reoccurring meetups for every 3rd Wednesday of the month but the location may change.

Please RSVP Online on 

I was literally just thinking about if there was a meet-up specifically for people in Colorado who are looking to invest out of market, and then I see this. I will do everything I can to be there.

Hello @Andrew Marquez ,

I took over this meetup group when the organizer stepped down over the weekend. I didn't realize at the time this was a company but now I recall hearing about your company name at the beginning of the year. I changed the name of the meetup to Long Distance Real Estate. I would like to make it clear I am not part of any company selling real estate, I am an individual investor looking to invest out of state by way of the BRRRR strategy. I hope other fellow investors in Denver, interested in doing the same, will join me to discuss the markets they have been investing in or researching. This group is open to anyone looking to invest outside of Denver. Here is the link for anyone to RSVP:

This sounds amazing!  I'd love to attend the next one if there is going to be another.  Unfortunately, I have a prior obligation this coming Wednesday after work.