Lessons You Can Learn from Successful Wholesalers

August 11th, 2018


Location: Orinoka Civic House—NKCDC, 2771-2777 Ruth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134

Presented By: Joseph V. Scorese Senior Loan Officer Firstrust Bank NMLS#391784

Discussion: Lessons You Can Learn from Successful Wholesalers

Starting a business these days seems quite easy due to the plethora of information out there from other, already established businesses. They all say what it is they did that worked and didn’t work for them, and none of these bits of wisdom are hidden or offered for a fee: it is all free. New wholesalers who want to be successful have a lot to learn from those who are veterans in the wholesale business; besides, as it is said, you never stop learning.

Every successful wholesale business has its own list of things they did to become successful. Streamlining their ordering and delivery process, dreaming big, knowing how to get customers…the list is endless and diverse. Here are a few lessons culled from different successful wholesale businesses that you can use to grow your own wholesale enterprise.