The market is strong, so maybe you are selling a property to step up to something larger. Or maybe you are revamping your portfolio into more passive investments: avoiding the “tenants, toilets and trouble!” It’s definitely a good time to be a seller, except when the taxman wants his piece of the pie.

Lynne Bagby is a Certified Exchange Specialist (CES®) and Northeast Division Manager for Asset Preservation, Inc., one or the nation's most well-regarded Qualified Intermediary firms for 1031 exchanges. Lynne has worked in the 1031 industry for 17 years and has assisted in the facilitation of thousands of 1031 exchange transactions; teaches continuing ed classes for credit to real estate agents & commercial brokers and conducts 1031 exchange presentations for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors and investors throughout New England. Jack Creighton is a nationally known real estate expert and DST specialist.

This discussion will focus on how you can exchange a property into something larger or more passive, or both, and own Blue Chip top of the line properties: Run with the Big Dogs even if you’re a Chihuahua! There is no selling at this event, as always, just a discussion of techniques, pros and cons.

You will learn:

The 4 different taxes on long term capital gains (yes FOUR!)

The difference between a TIC (Tenant In Common) and a DST (Delaware Statutory Trust)

Why we are not talking about Deferred Sales Trusts (another DST acronym)

The pros and cons of 1031 exchanges and DST's

How to offer an exit strategy to a multi-family seller when you want to buy but he doesn't want to pay taxes

How to access better bigger and better properties than you might think with the sophisticated investment decision making that insurance companies and pension funds enjoy

Who: All are welcome

What: we have the best real estate investing networking in Massachusetts, and the highest percentage of seasoned investors. No sales pitches, no selling speakers, no multi-level marketing, no memberships. $10 per person at the door, cash, paypal or credit card

Where: Garcia Brogan’s, 240 Moody St, Waltham, MA

When: Tuesday, August 21, 2018 Networking starts at 6PM, program starts at 6:30PM