Kansas City, Missouri will have a rental inspection ordinance as Question 1 on the 7 August 2018 ballot. The new group Housing For All (KC) is a combined effort of all several Landlord Groups, Realtor Groups and Concerned Citizens and has the full support of MAREI. They have more information on the issues at


You should pay attention to this vote, even if you don't have investment properties in Kansas City, Missouri - if this ordinance passes, we expect many other cities in the metro area and across Missouri to propose similar ordinances.

Kansas City's proposed ordinance is available from the City Clerk - the ballot language appears first, and if you scroll down a little, you can read the text of the ordinance.

The sample ballot is available from the Election Board and calls it Question 1 Residential Rental Inspection Program an Initiative Petition.

Housing for All KC will be sharing more information over the next few weeks. MAREI urges you to Like and Share their Facebook Page and to Follow them on Twitter and Share their Tweets and visit their website so you register for their updates and volunteer in any way you can through donations or your time and of course if you can vote in Kansas City Missouri August 7th, be sure to go to the polls.

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Want more details on these issues now? MAREI has posted about these issues on the blog several times over the past year and has a wealth of articles linked from this page.and Landlords Inc has assembled a fairly good list of talking points that you can read here.

We will be sending out a few extra emails on the issues over the next two weeks. Please note that the election is August 7th, so please keep an eye out so you can take action and help MAREI & the Housing For All KC fight this ordinance. If you would like to talk to someone live and face to face - Landlords Inc has a meeting tonight July 24th and Landlords of Eastern Jackson County has a meeting Thursday Night. For our Realtors stop in at KCRAR and talk to someone on the advocacy committee.