Westchester Real Estate Investors Meetup 8-23-18

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  • 08/23/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Back of the Restaurant, 92 Main St Yonkers , New York 10701
  • Free

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Our next meetup is just around the corner and at a new location!

Come to the Yonkers Brewing Company located at 92 Main st. Yonkers, NY 10701

Thursday August 22, 2018 from 7:00-9:00pm

If you are new to real estate investing or a seasoned veteran, all are welcome. We have a great group of people who attend this meetup and we are always looking to make new relationships.

Next month (Sept) plan on a speaker as we have done in the past. This month we will mingle, and introduce ourselves to the group and continue to mingle. It’s a great place to meet a local flipper, a local agent, a hard money lender, maybe a private lender!

We are about building relationships first and foremost. It’s amazing what goals you can achieve with the support of a great team. We are all building those teams together. The group will only become better with you there!

Hey Adam,

Thanks for posting this. I'd love to attend this meetup, but work in a hotel in the city, and often work evenings, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend this one. 

Are there other events that happen? Or is there an email chain, facebook group or other active group I could join to get into discussions with others?



@Chris Mooney sounds good, there is a meetup group on meetup.com “westchester real estate investors”. There is a facebook group with the same name too. It was orginally organized by Rachelle Rayner who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, so I’m helping out. I plan to make it more active in the coming months so we’ll definitely connect Chris! Which hotel do you work for? My girlfriend works at the Roosevelt! There is also Darren Sager’s meetup in Manhattan the day before at the Roosevelt hotel, 5:30-9:30 if you have a chance to catch us there. Jake and Gino are speaking at that one!

@Adam Cherko thanks for the fast response! I'll look up the group on Meetup.com and Facebook as well! And congrats to Rachelle! The Roosevelt is just nine blocks south of me. I work at a boutique hotel called Hotel Elysee. My goal is to own my own hotel brand someday, but I also am interested in real estate (obviously haha!).

I unfortunately work in the evening next Wednesday and Thursday, but I'll keep an eye out for other meetups and events and will surely make my way to one asap!

Thanks again for the info and the response.



Hi @Adam Cherko  

Athough I'm working Wednesday evening, I'll be off by 9. I'm considering popping by just to introduce myself to you and/or whoever else I can meet in the last half hour.  Do you know if there is there a need to RSVP?