Concerned landlords and real estate professionals focusing on: "How do I get a "Lead Safe" Certificate?"


September 8th, 2018

2nd Saturday of the Month

Location: Orinoka Civic House—NKCDC, 2771-2777 Ruth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134

Guest Speaker: Anthony Galasso, Lead Safe Resources, LLC.

Overview: Lead paint poisoning is especially dangerous for children. Because of this, Philadelphia enacted a new law in 2012 that forced anyone (landlords, property management companies) who rented houses or apartments in Philadelphia, built before 1978 to have the property inspected for lead paint and certified as lead-safe or lead-free, before it could be rented to any family with a child, aged 6 or under.

The presentation will provide concerned landlords and real estate professionals focusing on "How do I get a "Lead Safe" Certificate?".

This is a workshop of education, support and safety. The attendee’s will learn how to put their energy towards making there Philadelphia Neighborhoods minimized in Lead Issues

Top 10 Questions:

1. Why do I even need a "Lead Safe" Certificate in the 1st place?

2. How do I find a qualified person to do the test and give me the Certificate? (what credentials should I ask for)

3. How much does it cost?

4. How long does it take? (on-site & to get the test results back)

5. What should I do as a landlord to prepare in advance for the test?

6. What are the City's testing protocols & requirements?

7. How do I pass the Visual Inspection portion of the test?

8. Once I pass the test and get my certificate, where & how do I file it with the City?

9. How long is the Certificate valid for?

10. What are my ongoing obligations as a landlord to maintain compliance with the City?