August-Northeast Kansas Real Estate Investors Club

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  • 08/23/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM America/Chicago
  • The Norsemen Brewing Company. Additional parking in the rear, 830 N. Kansas Ave Topeka, Kansas 66608
  • Free

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The fourth Thursday of the month is quickly approaching. Please join us for the monthly meeting of the Northeast Kansas Real Estate Investors Club. This is a chance meet local investors and gain knowledge to expand your real estate investing in the Topeka, Lawrence and NE Kansas Areas. See you there!

@Michael Stamps - how have the turnouts been?

I've been unable to attend all summer due to being tied up either with our business or family events the day the meetings are scheduled - hope to be able to attend the next one.

Do you know if there's a way we can get some sort of networking group or if there is already a networking group for contractors?  

I know no one here and we need projects completed at our facility.  Wanting to build up my network of contractors here.  There is a FB group a wichita contractor started that makes it easy to connect with folks and also the wholesale groups -- I've started one of them geared towards Wichita, but I can not find any for Topeka/Lawrence - every investor in this area and contractor seems to be underground and hard to find.  I've started a FB group for Topeka contractors and Real Estate but haven't been able to get any traction to find members - kind of the chicken or the egg argument on that one - a NE KS Wholesale RE/Networking group would probably be good to start on FB as well.

How can we get an online movement started?  Would make it easier for all to do  business.

So far I've got a couple carpet guys to install flooring when we need it - I've found a plumber - would like one more - 

My needs are:

  • Plumbing company that specializes in line scopes and can use a camera - 
  • Plumbing company that can work at night to possibly replace some of our older main sewer line in the slab when I'm ready to upgrade
  • Any Fire Sprinkler company/Contractor besides Jayhawk - I'm afraid I'll need to go to Wichita or KC to find one - seems they have a monopoly here
  • Contractor for IT - just someone that can come in set up computers on occasion and do higher level network security or setup for me when needed
  • Blog author
  • A GC that can do some light remodeling - such as reframing an office - move a wall
  • A commercially licensed GC that can eventually do a complete commercial kitchen remodel and add on when we are ready to
  • Soil company/Engineering firm to help determine how many trees we can remove off the creek bank in back of our building - and possibly build a retention wall
  • HVAC contractor for building HVAC Upgrade - likely need an engineering firm and then contractors that can do the work - I'd want to buy my own equipment so I'm not overpaying for materials
  • For my personal house - Brick Mason
  • Painters
  • Finish Trim Carpenter for light remodeling - can also do projects in the Senior Center
  • 2nd Electrician that can do residential projects and help with upgrading some equipment in the senior center.

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