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It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to lead generate and obtain face to face seller appointments - but it is all for not if we don't convert.

Lead conversion best practices aren't complicated - it boils down to doing a lot of little things right & requires practice.

At the meeting we will discuss our 9 step investment lead conversion process including, but not limited to:

1. Knowing your numbers ahead of time - so that when the RIGHT opportunity presents itself, you can act(without having to go back and run more numbers)

2. What to bring on your appointments and how to get properly prepared for them

3. How to build rapport(or get the seller to know and like you) so that they WANT to do business with you - this is one of the most critical components to success on the investment side because the most important thing to sellers who sell to investors IS NOT THE MONEY. Included in this topic is what research we need to do about the seller before the appointment to give us the best chance of getting them on "the friend level"

4. Closing - How to know not only when to ask for the close but also how to close. The words and phrases that we use when we try to close make all the difference

5. Follow up - many investment deals are NOT signed on the first face to face meeting - which means that having the proper follow up is critical. We will be talking about best practices on follow up.

6. Enforceable contract - with the market being so hot, it is important that when you have a great deal that it is a valid contract - and in the investment world oftentimes this gets missed and huge deals get lost because of not having the proper contracts and procedures in place.

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