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One of the hardest parts about real estate investing is knowing how much to pay for a property.

At this training session we are going to teach you how to make a "Goldilocks Offer" - one that is low enough to make a good profit and high enough to get your offer accepted - in other words an offer that is "just right"

We will cover:

1. The easy to learn formula that we use in order to calculate what our offer should be

2. How to easily calculate what the property will sell for both "as-is" without doing any repairs and what it would be worth after doing work to it(after repair value) - including how to run the right comps for investment purposes

3. We will discuss the profit potential on different kinds of deals including single families, condos and multi families

4. The biggest mistakes that newer investors make(ones that we made in the beginning) and how to avoid making them yourself

5. The process by which we analyze deals - and the data points that we use including assessed value, zillow, comps on the street, comps in the neighborhood, past sales history, and much more

By the end of the event, you should feel confident that the next offer that you make will be "just right"

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