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Airbnb Mastery is a mastermind group of real estate investors who are interested in doubling or tripling cash flow and building wealth all while being able to personally enjoy their vacation or corporate rental properties. There are endless ways to invest in real estate but this group is purely focused on purchasing short-term rental (STR) property locally or anywhere in the world for the purpose of renting it out as a fully furnished corporate or vacation rental.

This meeting will cover the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, AND WHY of short-term rental properties.
Each meeting will focus on a different topic that concerns the STR investor. We will have open discussions and end each meeting with an accountability check-in where each member shares what they are currently working on/needs help with and will accomplish by the next meeting.

Be sure to bring a pen and paper as well as plenty of business cards. The cafe serves various coffee, espresso The meeting will wrap up at 7:45 as the bank must close by 8pm promptly due to various compliance requirements. Folks are welcome to continue networking at one of the many restaurants at Market Street.