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The next meeting of the San Jose Real Estate Investing Club will be September 26th, 2018. Our guest speaker will be Bay Area investor/realtor, Pierre Malak.

Topic: Learn how to create income and build wealth from local real estate investor and realtor Pierre Malak

Please register for this event at our web site: http://sanjoserenc.com/next-meeting

$10 in advance, $15 at the door

As always, a copy of the audio and slides presented is included with admission

Speaker: Pierre Malak

About the Meeting: At this meeting Pierre Malak will discuss the do's and dont's of investing. You will learn what investments to avoid (despite dogma to the contrary), how to protect yourself from market forces beyond your control, and which investments and strategies to use to generate safe income and enduring wealth for you and your family.

1. Stock Market’s dirty little secret
A. How they trick you
B. Long running Monkey contest
C. Avoiding LOSS like the plague

2. How the rule of 72 can work for you.
A. Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s actually a
mathematical RULE.
B. If you are not making good money, you will be a victim of
market forces and market reality.
C. Don’t spend a lot. Being careful with money

3. Strategy for Real estate
A. Buying things in the right order can make a big difference
B. Buy a 4 plex, pay it down, repeat till you die. It will get easier and
gets passed on to kids.

4. Wholesaling and flipping homes for extra money
A. How to get leads
B. Realtors can be a big asset
C. Home auctions and investor meetings
D. Craigslist

5. Being a surfer within Real estate.
A. Don’t go out if the wave is not there.
B. Try to get in at a good time and with reduced price property.
C. If unsure, go for multiunit. They are safer the SFH.

About the Speaker: Pierre Malak was born in Beirut, Lebanon and left for “vacation” to the United States in 1978 when he was eight years old. To his dismay, he later found out that this vacation would have no end. His immigrant parents began their life in America with very little, but worked hard in their restaurant business to put their children through college and medical school.

Pierre was always a little different from his brothers and sisters and forged his own path to become and investor and entrepreneur. As a sophomore in college, he began exporting cars and car parts to Eastern Europe. After college graduation, he moved on to become a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley where he became a million dollar producer. He quickly rose to become Senior Vice President with many notable clients such as Tony Robbins, executives at BMG Music, Sony, and Novellus.

Since 2001, Pierre has been working as a Realtor in the Bay Area, specializing in finding off-MLS properties in Silicon Valley for investors. As a serious investor himself, Pierre typically flips 3-6 properties each year. His personal and professional real estate experience give him the
expertise needed to help his clients achieve success.

Meeting Agenda

7:00 Networking

7:15 Haves and Wants

7:25 Market Update

7:35 Guest speaker

9:00 Networking

I hope to you soon!

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