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  • 10/25/18 09:00AM - 07:00PM America/New_York
  • Embassy Suites Raleigh - Durham/Research Triangle, 201 Harrison Oaks Boulevard Cary, North Carolina 27513
  • $149

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TREIA & Think Realty are proud to bring you THE BIGGEST REAL ESTATE EXPO & CONVENTION IN THE CAROLINAS We are bringing together some of the top real estate experts & vendors to show you how you can start or expand your real estate business.

October 25 thru October 27, 2018

Embassy Suites Raleigh - Durham/Research Triangle 201 Harrison Oaks Boulevard Cary, NC 27513

TREIA & Think Realty are proud to bring you


Southeastern US Real Estate Investors, it's not too hard to see that real estate is lava-hot right now. New and experienced investors across the area are taking advantage and making more money in one or two real estate deals than some people make in an entire year!

And on October 25th, 26th & 27th we are bringing together some of the top real estate experts in the world to show you how you can start or expand your real estate business.

What will you need to be a successful real estate investor?

Now I haven't done a huge survey or study to determine everything you are going to need to be successful. But by being in the real estate investing business for a while now and seeing the things that successful people do right and what the people who struggle fail to do I have an insight that many other people don't understand or what to admit to.

First things first.

You don't need money to be successful in real estate!

It may surprise you (or help you breathe a sigh of relief) that you don't need a ton of money to make money in real estate. In fact it's the easiest thing to find (but not necessarily the easiest thing to get. In fact you are probably better off getting started in real estate if you don't have any money.

If you have a bunch of money to buy a house I would argue that you are more likely to make a huge mistakerather than a huge profit.


Because there is no way to stop you from doing what you want to do and most likely you have no idea what you are doing!

You are more likely going to end up losing money, deciding it's too hard to make money in real estate and quit while Mr. or Ms. No Money (maybe that's you) continues on to success. You see when you have no money it forces you to be educated and really understand what you are doing and how you are going to make money before someone loans you the funds to do a deal.

As you walk around the expo floor there are going to be multiple companies that have money to lend for deals. Stop and talk to them to see what they are looking and you will be shocked just how easy it is to get money.

So if money isn't the most important thing what is?

Well if you ask me the most important thing to becoming a real estate rockstar is


or more specifically knowingLOTS of PEOPLE.

*People to help you find deals.

*People with advice on how to put the deal under contract

*People who know lenders looking to find a secure investment

*People who know (or are) great contractors

*People that can be there to support you in the rough times

*People that you can turn to when you are just getting started.

The fact of the matter is even if you haven't done a deal or have done 100 (or more deals) someone always has done something or though of something you haven't.

Or even better they can put you in contact with someone that is exactly who you need to skyrocket your real estate investing empire (or just help you do your first deal).

Since we think people are the key (along with focused action on your part. Don't think you are off the hook.) to accelerating your learning curve and doing more profitable deals we are putting together the biggest event that we can possibly have.

We are bringing together vendors, speakers from all over the country and more importantly YOU to meet and learn from some of the best and brightest real estate experts to Raleigh.

You'll Get to Learn from these Normal People who have done over 10,000 deals

Over three days on October 25, 26 & 27, you'll be able to discover how our each one of our real estate experts started with most likely less money than you and are now free to do what they want when they want.

Some had

-> Credit Problems

-> Had a hard time making ends meet

-> Had a full time job and family to support

-> A whole bunch of family and friends that thought they were crazy andhoped they would fail

Our speakers include a former dead broke auto mechanic, mobile home salesman and plumber.

You don't need to have a college degree to be successful in real estate.

In fact you can be successful no matter your age, gender, race, color, religion, stay at home parent, work 80 hours a week, education level, how much cash you have in the bank, single/married/divorced, live in a big city or small town, whether the economy is up or down, whether the stock market is up or down or who you know!

And these speakers will prove this to you.

If someone has done it before so can you!

On top of the speakers our goal is to bring over 100 vendors to the Embassy Suites in Cary where you'll meet vendors and service providers ranging from contractors and building materials suppliers to investor-friendly CPAs, real estate attorneys and agents to lenders, self-directed IRA custodians, and many, many more!

In three short days you'll be able to put together a "power team" with these knowledgeable, time saving, money making real estate vendors, suppliers and service providers to catapult your investing business to the next level.

So just want is the agenda for the event?

Well the exact time slots for everything are a work in progress and I'll keep you updated as we get closer to the event.

Since you read this far you must see just how valuable and important this event can jump start your real estate investing business. The Triangle real estate market in particular has buyers fighting over houses by bidding over the listing price for homes.

People are making money in real estate and so should you.

For as low as $79 plus EventBrite ticket fees this event will teach you something that can make you thousands of dollars.

So click on the image to register now.

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You have up until 7 days before the event to get a refund.

Odds are that someone at the event who has never done a real estate deal before will go on to become a millionaire in less than 5 years.

And we both know it should be you.

Make sure you are there at the Embassy Suites in Cary on October 25, 26 & 27.

Click on the image and Register now.

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Speaker Lineup
(subject to change - see the FAQs for more information)

Vena Jones-Cox - "The Real Estate Goddess"

vena jones-cox triangle real estate investing raleigh

Vena Jones-Cox (AKA “The Real Estate Goddess”) started investing in real estate full-time in 1989, after losing her very first job out of college. Since her ex-boss referred to her as ‘unemployable’, she decided to prove him right by starting her own business, and she’s never regretted it for one second.

Vena started out in ‘traditional’ real estate investing—buying rentals with private money or owner financing, renting them, then refinancing with banks—but quickly got dissatisfied with the fact that she was “house rich but cash poor”, building wealth for the long term but not getting enough income NOW.

So in 1996, she started a wholesaling business to generate cash for buying more rentals, maintaining existing ones, and most importantly, enjoying all the freedom that life offers to people who can pay for that freedom. Today, she flips about a house a week, but, thanks to systems and people to run them, works less than 10 hours a week wholesaling.

Think you might be able to learn something from someone who’s wholesaled over 800 houses in up markets and down? So do we, which is why we are excited to have Vena back again.

Gene Guarino

gene guarino triangle real estate investing raleigh

Gene Guarino is the founder and president of the Residential Assisted Living (RAL) Academy. Today, he focuses his time, effort, and investment capital on investing in senior-assisted living and helping other investors to do the same, but before founding RAL Academy he spent 30 years in more diversified areas of real estate and education. Guarino has been a featured presenter at the Harvard Business School of Entrepreneurship, featured on television, radio, and podcasts talking about assisted-living investing, and is the author of the book Do’s & Don’ts of Assisted Living.

“The fact of the matter is that 10,000 people a day are turning 65 and, perhaps more importantly, another 4,000 turning 85 each day. That means 120,000 new 85-year-olds each month, which amounts to more beds (occupied and not) than are available in all of the assisted living facilities in the United States,” Guarino said. This dearth of attractive senior housing makes the sector an ideal entry point for real estate investors at any stage in their investing because the results can be staggering and fast. Monthly rents range from $3,000 to $10,000 per person a month with six to 16 people in a home, which, if the initial investment is handled correctly, can clearly revolutionize a portfolio’s performance in short order. “That is why I have dedicated myself to helping others take advantage of this opportunity,” Guarino said.

Robyn Thompson - "The Queen of Rehab"

robyn thompson queen of rehab triangle real estate investing raleigh

Robyn Thompson (“the Queen of Rehab”) was tired, run-down, and broke from working two jobs to make ends meet, and having no life.

As you can imagine, her choice to start a rehab/resale business as a single woman was a challenging one, but she loved the process of turning dirty, sometimes smelly, outdated houses into pretty ones—and the checks, averaging $22,000 each, that resulted from each one.

Now, she’s out to prove that ANYONE: man, woman, experienced rehabber or soft-skinned office worker can learn to make 6-figure annual income in one of the highest-demand strategies in the market today.

Yes, that means you, too, even if you don’t currently know which end of a hammer to use.

Wendy Sweet

wendy sweet private money lending hard money triangle real estate investing raleigh

Wendy has been lending money to investors since 2001 as both a conventional lender and a Hard Money lender. After tossing aside conventional lending in 2008, my brother Bill Fairman and I, began growing Carolina Hard Money to offer funds to investors who were able to navigate the changing world of real estate. We have been successfully lending money in North and South Carolina to investors, rehabbers and builders. We also manage a real estate fund for accredited investors in addition to brokering loans for those with money to invest.

I have been a licensed real estate broker in both North and South Carolina for 35 years and combine my selling knowledge with my long time lending expertise in order to provide top-notch service to our company's borrowers and investor lenders. My goal is to guide and assist like-minded people to build their wealth and allow them to impact the lives of family, friends and community through a proven lending model in the Carolina's while providing strong returns for real estate investors.

Bill Cook

bill cook door knocking triangle real estate investing raleigh

In real estate since 1996, and a master at creative deal-structuring, Bill Cook is a full-time real estate investor, speaker and author. He specializes in single-family homes, Lonnie Deals and mobile home parks. Bill believes that real estate investing, especially the act of buying and holding rental property, is the surest way to financial independence and wealth. Bill’s successful door-knocking techniques and deal-structuring strategies have helped him find money-making opportunities in this crazy real estate market. Bill and his wife, Kim also founded North Georgia Real Estate Investors Association in 2002 and host monthly meetings and seminars to discuss the best deal-structuring and financing techniques.

PlusWant to experience the fastest, cheapest, most effective way to get face-to-face with sellers and make written offers?

Then you will want to experience A Day of Door-Knocking with Bill Cook

Click here to register at the early bird price of $197.

Charles Sells

charles sells triangle real estate investing raleigh

Charles Sells and his team at The PIP Group have been investing in default real estate for 18 years. Investing in tax default real estate can be extremely profitable, but contrary to late night infomercials, it is not without risk and requires vast knowledge and experience. Join Charles as he deflates the hype surrounding this growing industry and see the real results you can achieve investing in tax liens and tax default real estate. With nearly 700 investors worldwide and tens of thousands of transactions made each year, The PIP Group has the results driven experience to make you successful.

Dixie Decker - "The Queen of Student Housing"

dixie decker triangle real estate investing raleigh

Dixie Decker (“The Queen of Student Housing”) rebuilt her life through real estate after a devastating divorce and bankruptcy left her a single mother of 2. In the process, she accidently stumbled upon a unique method for buying and profiting in real estate without using any of her own money or credit.

In just 3 years, she mastered the process, building her net worth to over $5,000,000 and $100,000 per month in positive cash flow! Today her cash flow machine runs practically on AUTOPILOT, so she can focus on her family, growing investments, and helping others succeed.

Joe Varnadore

joe varnadore note school repair triangle real estate investing raleigh

Investing in his first property at the age of 19, Joe Varnadore learned the importance of using creative financing to make the deal work. Since then, Joe has created, purchased and brokered more than 10,000 seller financed notes on residential and commercial properties.

As an author, speaker, and trainer for the past 25 years, he believes that there has never been a greater opportunity for real estate investors to use non-performing notes to acquire properties and seller financing to cash out.

Mitch Stephen

mitch stephen triangle real estate investing raleigh

Mitch Stephen, author of the book My Life & 1,000 Houses; Failing Forward to Financial Freedom, is a self-taught real estate entrepreneur who has been self-employed since 1996.

His experience and methods span over 20 years and the purchase and sale of over a 1500 properties in and about his hometown of San Antonio, TX. His techniques are proven to work in the good times and flourish in the bad times.

Through owner financing, Mitch has perfected a method of achieving cash-flow without the liabilities of being a landlord. He presents a strong and compelling argument that suggests the old buy and hold methods of yesterday have gone the way of your daddy’s stock market and pension plan. His life’s work stands as a study in the art of owner financing and his findings dispel many of myths being spread about the attributes of being a landlord. “We’ve been sold a big bag of horse stuff!”

Mitch is a passionate speaker who delivers the message of integrity first and the profits will come. His style is light and fun, engaging and deep, all at the same time. His experiences are personal and he is an expert at keeping it simple; explaining, in plain English, the theories that made him financially independent.

Brittney Calloway

brittney calloway triangle real estate investing raleigh

Brittney Calloway ("The First Lady of Automation") has been in business for just 6 years, she’s already raised over $4 million in private money and has found, purchased, financed, rehabbed, rented, and sold properties in 5 different markets.


Yeah, she’s done more in half a decade than most investors do in a life time…all by doing something that you already know you SHOULD do, but she actually DOES do. Ready for the big secret?

She works ON her business, while other people work IN her business.

How? She has a whole system of processes, checklists, technological hacks, and virtual assistants that do all the day-to-day work of locating deals, making offers, following up, and all that stuff while she focuses on the important, high-skilled work (and, one assumes, rolling in all of her cash).

You’re going to be inspired to do as little work as possible in your own real estate business.

Joe McCall

joe mccall triangle real estate investing raleigh

An avid family guy, who enjoys hanging out with his kids at the zoo, or golfing with his boys, or swimming with his girls in the pool. Nothing is more important to Joe than God and family.

Joe has flipped over 100 deals and helped students flip 100’s more. He loves doing deals and coaching students to do the same. He has been fortunate to receive more student testimonials than he can count.

He invests remotely in multiple markets. He loves creating automated marketing systems.

While living in Prague, Czech Republic (twice, for several months) and traveling across for the NW corner of the USA in his RV for 3 months, his teams have flipped multiple lease options and regular wholesale deals – without him seeing the house or talking to the sellers or the buyers – ever.

Joe believes that the greatest part of this business is that he gets the privilege of working wherever and whenever he wants – from home, from Starbucks, the pool, a condo in Colorado, a coffee shop in Prague, a farm house in Ireland – wherever!

Robert Nickell

robert nickell reiva real estate virtual assistants

As a successful real estate investor, Robert Nickell had long perfected a series of systems and processes that, together, helped launch him to the forefront of the industry. After parlaying his expertise and insights into a career as a speaker, coach and author, Robert recognized that countless investors and entrepreneurs could benefit from his workflows and proven systems — and that started with having a rockstar team in place.

Robert launched in 2014, with an eye on bringing his expertise, insights and industry-leading systems. Today, is one of the most acclaimed virtual assistant services in the world, providing premier VAs to some of the country’s top real estate and real estate investing companies.

William "Bill" Bronchick

william bill bronchick real estate lawyer attorney

William Bronchick, Host of is a nationally-known attorney, author, entrepreneur, and public speaker.

Mr. William Bronchick has been practicing law and investing in real estate since the early 90’s, having been involved in thousands of real estate transactions. He has trained countless people all over the Country to become financially successful, speaking to audiences of as many as 16,000 at mega-events, sharing the stage with names like Rudy Guliani, Steve Forbes, and Colin Powell.

His best-selling book, “Flipping Properties”, was named one of the ten best real estate books of the year by the Chicago Tribune. William Bronchick is also the author of the highly acclaimed books, “Financing Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor”,”Wealth Protection Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor”, “Defensive Real Estate Investing”, “How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Real Estate Market”, and his latest work, “The Business of Flipping Homes.”

William Bronchick is the co-founder and past President of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors and the Executive Director and founder of the College of American Real Estate Investors. He is admitted to practice law before the bars of New York and Colorado.


Are all the speakers for sure going to be there?

Booking speakers is one of the most difficult challenges in putting on the TREIA Expo & Conference. We will make every effort to make sure the speakers listed here will be at the event but there is a small possibility that the speakers won't be able to attend due to any number of things out of our control.

Unlike other real estate events with nationally known speakers (I am looking at you events with flipping home shows on cable TV stars) our speakers are actually going to be there,live & in person to talk with you about real estate and answer questions you may have.

How soon will I be a billionaire after this event?

TREIA and Think Realty are committed to putting on the best expo/convention/networking event that we can but there it is very unlikely that you are going to become a real estate money making machine by attending this event to doing absolutely nothing after the event.

While TREIA and Think Realty both have resources that might help you after you leave, the overwhelming factors that will determine whether or not you becoming the next Ron LeGrand or any one of the other successful speakers are your commitment and desire to take action in getting better education and going out and making deals.

In TREIA I have seen completely new investors get five figure checks within 3 months of joining while others that have done essentially zero and made NO money in three years.

What's the refund policy?

You can get a refund up until 7 days prior to the event. We have to plan and pack all our goody bags you'll get when you check in and give the hotel our number of attendees one week prior to the event so once we send over you name we are locked in to paying for everything for you.

Click on the image below to be taken to the Eventbrite registration page.

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